Announcing Mumble 1.2.4 beta

The Mumble team is proud to announce the first beta of Mumble 1.2.4.
This is a big step towards the next stable release in the 1.2 series.

Now is a good time to try the new and old features and report back to us about any issues you can find.

You can get the 1.2.4 beta from our page at

We would also like to encourage you again to translate Mumble to your native language.

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6 Responses to Announcing Mumble 1.2.4 beta

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  2. flyseba90 says:

    Me and all of my clan member we are very happy to see the project is still up since the last version of more than year ago! Mumble is still the best voice program around, we tried out all of the rest like TeamSpeak 3 and Ventrilo…Mumble have the best audio quality with very, VERY low latency! It’s perfect…I think you guys have to just fix aswell minor bugs and launch this program on the world business for take more support by pubblicity or partnerships ‘cos it rules! Continue in this way guys! Go Mumble GO!

  3. superbobob says:

    Thanks for the good work !
    I just wanted to remind you issues with the overlay function, even in 1.2.4 Beta, with games using DirectX 11 (I’m talking about World of Tanks for instance :) )
    Hope you’ll look at it before the grand release, keep it up !

  4. Kevin Brady says:

    When is you company going to resolve the issue of mumble overlay,most of the so called fixes for Guild wars 2 do not work ,this seems to be a problem when runniong in high res or in 1080p or i..Please resolve this issue and add this overlay feature to GW2..It is much needed.!

    • .D0T says:

      There is no company behind Mumble. We do not run/sell servers/services either. We are a group of volunteers working on Mumble in our free time.

      I guess you are referring to ( )? We are aware of the issue but have no fix yet afaik. Currently our focus is on getting 1.2.4 out of the door. As soon as that is done we’ll revisit issues like this one.

  5. Kevin Brady says:

    Also to add this is in the beta and the standard versions!

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