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Mumble and Heartbleed

Most of the Mumble project’s communication this week regarding the Heartbleed vulnerability has happened via IRC. This blog post attempts to fix that by providing answers to the most frequently asked questions here on our blog.

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Building web services for Mumble

Mumble provides a pretty neat online experience to its users as it is – still, people often look for some kind of an interface to query the server for status information over the web. The most common use for such … Continue reading

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For the record

As you already know if you read the article on our Tracker Squash Meeting or listened to the buzz in #mumble the upcoming 1.2.3 release will have a recording feature. The work on this has progressed nicely and since we … Continue reading

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Oh no, We’ve made a buzzword

When we first started with Mumble, we did it because none of the commercial alternatives had quality we were happy with, and there were no open source projects that would have been a good starting base. So, we made our … Continue reading

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