Hello fellow Mumblers,

As you might have realised it has been quite some time since 1.2.2 was released and we are eager to take the next step: 1.2.3 stable.

Unfortunately there is one tricky thing about stable releases: They should be stable :-) With now more than 190.000 users using 1.2.2 we cannot risk pushing something out there that breaks what used to work or behaves erratically in other obvious ways. This is why we need YOUR HELP.

In our quest to exterminate each and every bug in Mumble, a quest at least as futile as honorable in software development, we rely on bugreports from you. If you want a quick and stable 1.2.3 release, then get one of our snapshots and test it. If you find a bug please visit our bugtracker and, unless there already is one, create a ticket. Please remember that for us to be able to fix the bug we will need as much information on it as possible.

The Mumble Team

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24 Responses to Exterminate

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  2. TheRipper says:

    It’s shame only 878 people use the newest snapshot.
    Cant say that the snapshot isnt stable. a few overlay issues in video windows but those can be fixed in the config, so not worth mentioning

  3. Zach says:

    Bummer. Hopefully these bug fixes are done by Dec 7th for Cataclysm =)


  4. nox says:

    Maybe you should tempt user by announcing new features. :)
    Otherwise 1.2.2 does a great job.

  5. Epicanis says:

    Is there a Gentoo overlay with the current Mumble snapshots in it?

    (I do see there’s one for Arch linux in AUR…)

    • .D0T says:

      The gentoo ebuilds aren’t from us so I don’t know what they include. But we do have an OpenGL overlay on Linux. However you’ll have to launch the game with the overlay launcher to make it work (LD_PRELOADs the overlay lib).

  6. Sdar says:

    The only “bug” in 1.2.3 … there is no Grow up /down/left/right option.

    Minor bugs with positional with 5.1 sound systems (1.2.2 have the same bug).

    But 1.2.3 works great and more stable than the 1.2.2 for me.

  7. Gecko64 says:

    Personally, i always use the unstable version with no problem met, but if one day i find a bug, it will be report, no prob 😉

  8. I recently tired to get Mumble v1.2.2 going on Debian and found it extremely hard to get working. In the end it was just easier , faster and much simpler downloading the client for Windows and rebooting into Windows for Mumble . I noticed someone put Mumble on Android Market Place.

    You would have a faster uptake if Mumble could be upgraded from the server you connect to via an built in patcher and if the server told everyone verison x.x.x is release, upgrade before connecting

    Also Mumble for Debian 32bit and 64 bit needs a simple deb file

  9. Al Duccino says:

    I would like to help with this, anyone could tell me how to install 1.2.3 on my centos 5.4 (x86)dedicated server ?

  10. Mike Johnson says:

    We’ve been running the 1.2.3 server for a few days with no issues. If anyone wants to try it out (it’s in the US), the address is:
    Port: 40374

    I’ll try to keep updating it with the latest git commit.

  11. Jote says:

    Just for the record:

    You don’t give basic changelogs for Mumble and Murmur snapshots. There’s no basic list for biggest bugs to help take closer look at something. The information is well hidden and at complex form.

    Bugtracker requires registration, which alone will turn down people if they don’t think it worth their time.

    I know you want bugreports and feature requests , but you have created a barrier for common users.

    • Brett says:

      Agreed. It’d be nice if it was simpler, or even integrated to do the bug reporting – think of mozillas inbuilt bug reporting as an example.

      For example this bug, 3118344:

      I run into as well. But it wasn’t until recently I was correctly able to login, or put in a bug report (and it’s been put in since then anyway). The forums too, uses a weird method of logging in that would log me out if I didn’t follow a non obvious way of navigating to the forums

    • .D0T says:

      Hi Jote,

      Thanks for the feedback.

      Yeah. We should have some kind of changelog. I’ll see if we can’t put a list of commits since last snapshot or something out with every snap.

      We do however have a “list” of things we want our community to take a closer look at. Every snapshot displays a blue testing focus box which contains areas of Mumble where we are currently most interested in user feedback on startup.

      Apart from that the IRC channel is the the place to be. Not viable for the normal user but definitely the best way to get a hold of us / track development.

      The bug/featuretracker issue is a bit tricky. Currently all steps of bug handling are done by our development team. Meaning time we spend on triaging bugs is time lost in development (also bugs tickets aren’t especially fun to work with and since we do this for fun…. 😉 ). Because of this we have to make sure the tickets have a certain level of quality and it is actually viable to work with them. The most basic requirement for this is being able to ask the creator of the ticket follow-up questions for this we need Registration. Registration also cuts down on the amount of one-liner tickets swamping our pipeline because, to be frank, most of these are useless for us.

      So part of that barrier is on purpose but some of it isn’t and we’ll try to resolve that.

      @Bret(the login stuff in the forums/tracker is all done by sourceforge and we have no influence on its functionality)

  12. Simon says:

    How much documentation on do you have on the 1.2.3 version? I wouldnt mind going through it with some testing, or are you only in the need of BR’s? Are there any installer files in .msi?

  13. oGre says:

    We have been having trouble with voice activation for several months, trying the latest snapshots without much success. I really would like some feedback on that bug report so that we can help you out testing, getting 1.2.3 to a stable state.


  14. Oberguru says:


    I would like to help testing but it seems I’m unable (maybe I’m too dumb) to find a link where to download/checkout. Maybe it would be good idea to place an OBVIOUS link in the sidemenu?



  15. GT says:

    I just wanna say thanks! I’m using mumble over many years (on linux host) and never ever had problem with it. Even i often upgrade to dev snapshot (now using 1.2.3).

    Thanks for good work, keep it up.

  16. Arthur G says:

    I’ve been running the newest snapshots since 3 months and only recently been having problems (the latest update before 1.2.3-rc1 caused them). Let’s see if 1.2.3-rc1 fixes the random freezing. Running Murmur on the same machine as well with max 6 people on.

    I have been using Skype, Ventrilo and TeamSpeak and Mumble beats them all hands down when it comes to ease of use, audio quality and latency. Keep up the good work!

    Arthur G

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