Mumble 1.2.4 released

The Mumble team is proud to announce the release of version 1.2.4 of the Mumble VoIP application.

With this new version we are introducing the revolutionary Opus audio codec, Windows 8 support and many other improvements over our last stable release (see the Mumble 1.2.4 wiki page for more information). Opus is now the primary audio codec of choice for Mumble.

We are also happy to see our positional audio technology seeing wider adoption in the gaming world with Valve including support in many of their source engine games. Namely Team Fortress 2, Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, Counter-Strike: Source and Day of Defeat: Source on all supported platforms including Linux and Mac OS X.

Positional audio allows you to hear your teammates from the position they are in-game without any changes to your Mumble server. On any game server. For more information about how it works and how to activate it visit our Positional audio wiki page.

Positional audio information can be used by the Mumble server to even greater effect. To show the power of this technology we have also released a Source engine game-specific plugin for the mumo server-side scripting framework for Mumble. To find out more about that visit the Mumo Source plugin wiki page.

As always you can find the new release on our web site at . If you have any questions or comments visit our forums or join our IRC channel #mumble on .

For a list of known issues and their workarounds, please consult the known issues page for the 1.2.4 release on the Mumble wiki.

The Mumble team

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24 Responses to Mumble 1.2.4 released

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  2. Signez says:

    At last! Thanks, thank you again for all this work that empower so much innovative stuff around the web…!

  3. Mun says:

    First off thank you!

    Second off PLEASE PLEASE add functionality to increase the volume of a selected user.

    Thanks :)

    • Sammy says:

      I haven’t actually used mumble in a long while, but I’m pretty sure they were/are against users controlling the volume of other people.

      If you can’t hear someone properly then they need to fix THEIR settings. Once they have it right they can go to other servers and never have a problem again. Whereas if everyone else is changing the volume then large groups of people have to individually fiddle with lots of different people.

      • ever says:

        Then a client side mic volume control would be great, a friend of mine can change the volume or boost on his USB mic and is way louder than the rest of us.

        • Chris says:

          Then he needs to 1) set his volume in his system’s mixer control and leave it, and 2) go back through the audio wizard and carefully set his levels. Then he should be normalized with the rest of the group.

  4. Opalium says:

    Great news! I’m a big fan of your work and use Mumble daily, and it’s definitely the best voice chat tool I know. I hope to see Mumble growing further to become the new standard.
    Awesome job guys, thanks for all you’ve done.

  5. fontis says:

    Great job guys!
    Really glad you guys are sticking with this project. And the cross platform support is just amazing. Your work is appreciated by millions of people out there, don’t forget that!

  6. Giri says:

    Is it compatible with OpenSim 0.7.4 for using voice chat in that Virtual world application?

  7. Anand E. Moose says:

    Please fix the GW2 overlay. Other overlay programs have no problem hooking into it, but Mumble devs are having issues

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  9. Kiwii says:

    Good to see it finally released! I appreciate all of your hard work on the project.

    Since there is an Ubuntu ppa for the client, will there be a ppa or deb package for the server aswell? I’m on a Ubuntu 12.04 server and I like to upgrade to the new Murmur release, but I’m not sure how to do it ‘the right way’.

  10. Ryan Alyea says:

    Great release guys! Do you know if/when Opus and other 1.2.4 support will come to iPhone?

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  13. Joshua says:

    I love this new update! Notification Center support at last!

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  16. Nicki says:

    Hello everyone, just a query with the overlay in regards to Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

    Some of us can get it working, other’s cannot. We’ve tried tweaking the overlay settings, changing the Direct X, etc… but we can’t seem to all have the same solution. There are a few of us clan regulars that play, and it’s quite frustrating, especially when there’s new players and we don’t know their voices.

    Any suggestions, or is this a known issue?

  17. Hi
    Huge fan of mumble, keep up the great work , we love it !

    For people wanting volume control , I disagree
    FIX YOUR MIC . If you cant change the volume, download a new driver or get a better mic

    Has anyone managed to get the apt-get system with Debian running Mumble Server v1.2.4 on a VPS box yet ?

  18. Virgon says:

    I like mumble alot, but I would have rather had the overlay working with windows 8 x64 dx11, then the positional audio :P. If this is allready fixed, please tell me how! :)

    • Trunk Slamchest says:

      Seriously. New features are great but I think you should fix the things that are actually broken first. Given the number of gamers using 64-bit operating systems and 64-bit Java, getting the overlay working for these users should be one of your top priorities.

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