Mumble for iOS 1.1.1

We’ve released an emergency iOS 6 bug fix for the Mumble iOS client today — Mumble for iOS 1.1.1.

It works around a compatibility issue with iOS 6 that caused users to be silent when transmitting audio. A few other crash bugs have also been fixed in the 1.1.1 release.

Along with that, the new version of the app uses the latest version of MumbleKit.

As always, it’s available on the App Store. And don’t forget — if you enjoy the app, please spread the word, and remember to rate it in the App Store.

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One Response to Mumble for iOS 1.1.1

  1. Don says:

    Echo feature disabled, very very bad echo when 3 or more are on. Really like app but cant use anymore wont spend money on server if it dont work on my ipad or iphone it is there is no push to talk button, it is a very bad echo, mesages dont popup in game. Been this way for 2 months. I asked one month ago support was told hold on when we get to it we get to it. Bad answar for a support guy to say to customer. Why wont you work on this. I see windows 8 release but alot of us use apple ipad iphone. Just kill the app in istore. I will wait a feww days before i emendate the reviews with bad reviews and put it out on facebook.

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