Mumble for iOS 1.2.1

Today, we’ll be releasing Mumble for iOS 1.2.1. This is a minor bug fix release to the 1.2 release we did earlier this month.

We found a nasty race condition which could cause crashes when the audio subsystem of the app was started or restarted. This bug seemed to happen very often on 4th generation iPod Touch devices, but could happen on all iOS devices with some bad luck.

We also fixed an issue where users using the “Low” quality preset would be unable to speak to others when on a 1.2.4 server in Opus mode.  To allow the “Low” quality to mode
to work correctly on all servers, we’ve changed it to use Opus in Opus mode, and CELT 0.7 (our baseline codec) on everything else. Previously, we always used Speex for it.

As usual, the source code for the app is available on GitHub (Mumble for iOSMumbleKit), and contributions of any kind are warmly appreciated.

The full list of changes in Mumble for iOS 1.2.1:

• Fixed a bug where users using the ‘Low’ audio quality mode could not send audio on 1.2.4 servers.
• Fixed a bug where chat messages sometimes had incorrect timestamps.
• Fixed an audio recording bug that would sometimes crash the app.
• Fixed several crash bugs which were triggered when using the the ‘Low’ audio quality mode.

As always, it’s available on the App Store. And don’t forget — if you enjoy the app, please spread the word, and remember to rate it in the App Store.

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8 Responses to Mumble for iOS 1.2.1

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  2. Stefan says:

    Instabale,Bugy and nothing to hear.

  3. Martin says:

    There seems to be no easy way to leave a message for the developer of the iOS Mumble.
    So I hope you get this.
    Please can we have the ability to turn speakerphone OFF and have the audio come through the phones normal earpiece (like a regular phone call).
    Everyone has started to use mumble rather than Skype but this is a major problem in adopting the mobile version when you want to talk privately and you don’t have a headset handy.
    You might laugh at it being a Skype replacement but few people trust Skype anymore.
    At least with mumble its encrypted and trustworthy – right!
    I really enjoy using mumble and it works well for me. So thank you for all your efforts.
    Please can you respond with the possibly of adding the speakerphone/earpiece toggle?

  4. Christoph says:

    I also hopes the Developers reads the comments here…

    First of all: The Audio quality is pretty good! The Windows-Client is not really easy to configure.

    I saw the App for iOS, are there are plans for an native version for iPad?

  5. jimbob33 says:

    rename it to
    Mumble 1.2.1 for iOS
    to avoid confusion

  6. the worm says:

    I see there is support for whisper/shout, at least in the icons, but is that only server side? Is it possible to whisper/shout from the iOS client?

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