Mumble for iOS 1.2.3

The Mumble team has released version 1.2.3 of the iOS Mumble client.

This new version contains two important client-side security fixes, and we advise users to download this update from the App Store as soon as possible.

Alongside these security fixes, this release also includes a few minor bug fixes:

  • Increased the size of Mumble’s encoding buffer for Opus packets
    to be able to encode all Opus packets without triggering Opus’s
    internal rate limiting.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the certificate accept alert view that is shown
    upon connecting to a server with an unknown certificate to sometimes be hidden
    on iOS 7.
  • Several external libraries have been synced to their latest stable versions.

Security advisories for the two fixed vulnerabilities are available below:

Mumble-SA-2014-003 [sig]
– A malformed Opus voice packet sent to a MumbleKit client could trigger a NULL pointer dereference.

Mumble-SA-2014-004 [sig]
– A malformed Opus voice packet sent to a MumbleKit client could trigger a heap-based buffer overflow.

The Mumble team

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4 Responses to Mumble for iOS 1.2.3

  1. creAse says:

    One day for android ?

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  3. Guest says:


    Occasionally, I will be told that I sound extremely choppy for no reason. This is not a network issue, as I can log into mumble via PC client on the same network and have no issues.

    I will sound fine for thirty minutes, and then all of a sudden sound choppy. I am using an iPhone 5S on 7.0.4.

    Is there any insight on what may be happening?

    Thank you.

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